Autumn’s End


Reader #1:         Scent of Autumn

                           Gone from air,                       

                           Rain washed it away.

Reader #2:        Leaves have fallen,

                           Trees are bare,

                           Color has left Day.

Reader #3:        Birds are leaving,

                           Some have stayed,

                           To say one last goodbye.

All:                   They wish for one last

                         Look at home,

                         Before it’s time to fly!


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  1. This is darling! Did you ever get children to perform it? People think that good poetry for children is easy (what do children know!?) but poetry that is good and can speak to children is very, very rare. My favorite are Milne’s two books, especially, “Now We are Siz.”

  2. I’m glad you like it!
    No, I never got children to perform this poem (I haven’t shared that much of my work with kids yet), but I will eventually.
    Oh yeah, you’ve gotta love “Winnie the Pooh!” I’m really only familiar with the Disney versions, but, as I understand, those stuck pretty close to the original material. I will definitely check out the original “Winnie the Pooh” stories and poems.

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