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Baby at the Doctor


This exercise is from 1,000 Creative Writing Prompts: Ideas For Blogs, Scripts, Stories, and More, also by Bryan Cohen.  If you would like to try this exercise, it is Exercise #376, on page 99 of the book in the “Life” section.  Again, Bryan Cohen’s web address is  As before, please feel free to share links to your responses in the comments.  Here is my response:

            When was I here before?  I know I was!  I feel that way about most things.  I know I’ve seen Mom many times, and that makes me happy.  Not this place. This place is scary.  Strange people keep taking me from Mom, tearing my clothes off, and putting strange, cold things on my body.  Sometimes they even stick things into me!  I cry out for Mom, and I hear her voice, but she won’t hold me.  Why?  She always has before!  Why won’t she save me from this place?  She saved me from the other place like this!  Why not this time?  Is this the same place I remember?


Movie Starlet Two Ways


Today’s writing prompt I got from 1,000 Character Writing Prompts: Villains, Heroes, and Hams For Scripts, Stories, and More by Bryan Cohen.  For those of you who would like to try the exercise, it is Exercise #498 on page 153.  You can also visit Bryan Cohen’s web site at  If you would like to share your responses, please feel free to post links to them in comments.   Here are my two responses:

Response #1:

The most popular movie starlet of her time had a difficult childhood she doesn’t want anyone to know about.  When she was in the first grade, her horrible teacher abused her terribly and told her that if she ever met with good fortune, it would come back to haunt her.  This is why she gets nervous when talking about herself and laughs through interviews.  In these interviews, she always thanks her parents and even her teachers, glossing over the terrible teacher she had in first grade.  She also doesn’t like being talked about in the media, because part of her feels that by not telling this secret about her abusive teacher she’s lying.

Response #2:

The most popular movie star of her time is so talented at believably depicting characters, she never had to work much at developing her skills.  Her great talent is very mysterious, and no one truly understands it, least of all her.  What she does understand, though, is that her wonderful performances are not completely her doing, since she doesn’t have to try very hard.  That’s why she doesn’t much like being talked about in the media, because she doesn’t feel she’s earned it.  It’s also why she’s nervous when talking about herself and laughs during interviews.  But she’s about to find out more about her mysterious talent…