Baby at the Doctor


This exercise is from 1,000 Creative Writing Prompts: Ideas For Blogs, Scripts, Stories, and More, also by Bryan Cohen.  If you would like to try this exercise, it is Exercise #376, on page 99 of the book in the “Life” section.  Again, Bryan Cohen’s web address is  As before, please feel free to share links to your responses in the comments.  Here is my response:

            When was I here before?  I know I was!  I feel that way about most things.  I know I’ve seen Mom many times, and that makes me happy.  Not this place. This place is scary.  Strange people keep taking me from Mom, tearing my clothes off, and putting strange, cold things on my body.  Sometimes they even stick things into me!  I cry out for Mom, and I hear her voice, but she won’t hold me.  Why?  She always has before!  Why won’t she save me from this place?  She saved me from the other place like this!  Why not this time?  Is this the same place I remember?


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