Spring Colors


This is a response to an exercise that can be found at http://www.build-creative-writing-ideas.com/free-creative-writing-prompts-spring.html.  It is Bryan Cohen’s Spring exercise #5.

In a meadow with green everywhere and occasional splashes of brightly colored flowers, I close my eyes and breathe in.  Rebirth goes through my mind.  Renewal goes through my mind.  New beginnings go through my mind.  Purification goes through my mind.Pale green is the color I see most with my eyes open.  It is the color of Spring; the color of rebirth, renewal, and new beginnings.  As I said, all the other colors come in splashes.  Splashes of clear, purifying rainwater; rainwater that cleans away all the messes left behind by the last three seasons, rainwater that sometimes leaves a rainbow in the sky, adding more splashes of color.  Spring is not the season, however, where there is a rainbow all the time.  That would be autumn.  Spring is pale green, with splashes of clear water and rainbows made by the rain, the sunlight, and of course the flowers.


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