My Father Is Nothing Like Henry VIII


I rarely post my own writing on my blog anymore, but here is one poem I’m posting for Father’s Day.  Enjoy!

My father is nothing like Henry VIII

Even though he’s made mistakes

Even though he’s sometimes hard to take.

In fact, I’m sure I’d be quite sad

If I didn’t have my dad.

Elizabeth’s mom met a nasty fate

With mean old, smelly old Henry VIII.

Anne Boleyn could not give him a male heir.

She gave him Elizabeth, but he did not care.

Though he named her Princess of Wales,

He thought as a ruler a woman would fail.

That’s why, if he had a son of his own,

He’d take the girl’s place as heir to the throne!

Henry loved his princess,

Though she was a girl.

He loved her as he would the tiniest pearl.

He played with her often,

He held her with glee…

But chopped her mom’s head off

When she was just three!

After this tragic part of the tale,

Elizabeth was no longer Princess of Wales.

Her father betrayed her, he left her behind…

And got his male heir, so he did not mind!

My dad and my mom are no longer wed,

But at least he didn’t cut off her head!

What my father did not need to be done,

But he did not do it in want of a son.

Having a boy was the last thing on his mind,

For he loves his two girls, my sister and I.

Like a king with his princess,

My dad played with me…

But he did not stop it

When I had turned three.

For my first three years,

We had lots of fun…

But when they had ended,

It had only begun!

We danced in the kitchen…

He pushed me on the swing…

Each winter we kept warm

And waited for spring.

He took me to the movies…

Told me stories each night…

And when I was frightened,

He held me real tight.

But my parents split up

When I was thirteen,

And I felt like to me,

Life had been really mean!

My parents were angry.

Dad was no longer there.

Was I still his princess?

Did he still care?

I tried to stay hopeful,

But this could not be.

My dad had left my mother,

So had he left me?

Should I forget about my father?

Is he worthy of hate?

But then, I remembered,

Henry VIII!

Henry VIII, the villainous fiend,

Was evil and slimy,

Foul and unclean.

He divorced all those women,

Chopped their heads off as well,

‘Twas bad news for anyone

Who fell under his spell!

He betrayed all his comrades,

He terrorized his foes…

He threw food over his shoulder

And picked his nose!

But of all the things he did,

This was worst in the world:

Henry abandoned his two little girls.

Elizabeth and Mary brought their father no joy,

The reason, of course, was that they were not boys.

He got rid of their mothers,

In hope of getting a son,

And, as a result,

Their life with him was done.

For Henry, this fact was simple and true:

If he got rid of their mothers,

Then they went, too!

My dad left my mom,

But he didn’t leave me.

My father’s sweet princess I always will be!

And though leaving my mom was a big mistake,

My father is nothing like Henry VIII!

My father is nothing like Henry VIII,

On the contrary, he’s really great!

I will always be proud to be his little girl,

‘Cause as fathers go, he’s king of the world!

My father is nothing like Henry VIII,

And in that belief I will always have faith.

It goes without saying and will always be true.

I love you, Dad!

Really I do!


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