Sermon Poems



Today I wrote three poems inspired by the sermon at my Unitarian Universalist church.  Here they are:

Think of the World

The world is full of boys, girls,

Women, and men,

And there are more strangers

Than family and friends,

So think of the world

And the places you can go,

And think of people you don’t know.

Think of how you can make others smile,

Sometimes that can take just a very little while.

Helping Others

Helping others is the way

Help somebody every day.

Share your time,

Spread the wealth,

But be sure to let another help himself.

Source Gone

Close down factory,

Source gone, pollution gone, too.

Never that simple.


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  1. Hello Line! Thank you for liking my post.
    I am going to repost each poem separately so people can “like” each individual poem and I can see which one is most popular.

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