Gross Villain Poem #1


She makes me say yuck,

He makes me quake.

And oh, what trouble

Those two make!


They’re so nasty,

Each one’s a leech!

Keep all your treasures

Out of their reach!


Get close to them?

I’ll just say, “Nope!”

I’m sure they never

Go near soap.


If they don’t rob you,

Your cat they’ll trap!

They’d like to have her

For a snack!


Go inside their lair,

If you dare.

They never wash

Their underwear.


If they touched you,

Out their foulness would seep.

I’m sure you would reek

For a week!


You’ll stand there quietly

On the rug,

From under you,

That rug they’ll tug!


You might think this

Is just a joke,

You won’t find out the truth,

I hope!


3 responses »

  1. This reminds me of the writing of Shel Silverstein , where the sidewalk ends….loved that book and your creative words will give young ones a giggle;) nicely done

    • Wow, you’re the second person to say this poem is like Shel Silverstein’s! I love his poems! Thank you.
      The Shel Silverstein poem I think this one is most like is “Rotten Convention.” Have you read it? I think it is in “Falling Up.”

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