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Another Week Off


Hi All.  I need another week off.  I need to take a step back and access my blogging and poetry writing journeys.

Again, if I need more time off by next Thursday, I will let you know; if not, you will see a new blog post then.  Thanks for understanding, and take care.


28th Birth-Night Ride


Sleep awhile,
Wake up.
Butt aching,
Still sleepy,
Loving the
Exciting ride
Through dark,
Sleeping world.

Adjust position,
Butt no longer ache.
Read Alice Munro,
Eyes shut,
Sleep again,
Never deeply.

Bumpy movement
Never shows up
in dreams.
No dreams.

Dreams come later.
Unfamiliar, rural town,
Wee hours of morning.

A dream? Awake.
Ridden train all night,
In Virginia,
No longer far
From where I used
To be.

Light in sky
Means morning,
Light in sky means
Birthday greetings

Bear Drawings


GrizzlyDrawing Thumb PandaDrawingThumb PolarDrawing Thumb

This is my first drawing post.

Here we have three teddy bears/anthropomorphic bears.  The one in the middle, the panda, is the version I’ve been working on the longest.  The bear on the right is a polar bear, and the bear on the left is supposed to be a grizzly.  When drawing these bears, I studied not only the colors and patterns of real bears, but their facial features as well.

While I am an amateur artist, and my strong point is definitely writing, I like to play around with possible children’s picture books illustrations.  For anthropomorphic bear characters, I am hoping to combine some of these real bear features.

For teddy bear characters, teddy bear illustrations, and maybe even making my own teddy bears someday, I am hoping to create plush versions of real bear species, including, but not limited to, pandas, polar bears, and grizzlies.