Monthly Archives: September 2014



Not many clouds today,
Only three.
One looks like a ship at sea.
Another at the top of a tree,
Is a creature different from
You and me.
It has a face without a head,
Like something in a book I read.

The third is very hard to see,

It’s hiding behind Building 3.


Don’t Worry


Don’t worry no more.
If this was a lovely dream,
That was a nightmare.

All A Beautiful Dream


What happened to the flair?
What happened to the excitement?
What happened to all the children?
In this once busy and hopping place?

Laughing with angels,
Cherubs in arms,
Running and playing,
All a beautiful dream.

The Devil’s Imagination


There are no limits to the Devil’s imagination.
You must find the Devil’s imagination
Within yourself.
Turn his deeds around.
Heal the world.
Use the Devil’s tools of harm
For healing.
If God can’t do this,
You can.



Start now,
It is always the best time to start.

Start someday,
As long as you know you will.

Start here,
You can check your surroundings first.

Start there,
If you know it’s the right place.

Start strong,
Everything you do should have sturdy foundations.

Start fast,
Sometimes you need to jump right in.

Start slow,
Sometimes one baby step at a time is the key.

Start however,
Wherever you want,
Just as long as you start.

Washing Dishes


Peanut butter off plate,
Peanut butter off knife,
Peanut butter off spoon,

Scrub, scrub, scrub!
Now each thing has
No peanut butter.

Turn off water when through.

Plate in dishwasher,
Knife in dishwasher,
Spoon in dishwasher.

Bowl on bottom rack,
Glass on top.
See what else can fit,
One more plate.
Start the dishwasher?
No, wait!
Make sure it’s full!
Add that plate!

Save water!
Save energy!
Turn of water when through,
Make sure dishwasher is full.

Special Someone Blessing


May you find someone who loves you
Enough to kiss you on a zit.

May you find someone who thinks
You’re beautiful no matter what size.

May you find someone who isn’t afraid to tease,
As long as it makes you laugh, not cry.

May you find someone who lets you cry,
And holds you when you do.

May you find someone who listens to your problems,
And never lets you swim through stormy waters alone.

May you find someone who says “please” and “thank you,”
No matter what they expect.

May you never need to expect anything less
From the person you’re with.

May you have every reason to believe
This person is the person you love,
And the person who loves you.

May this person be someone
Who never tires of talking with you,
Or being with you
In silence.