I’m Back!


Hi All!  I’m back.  Here is an experimental dialogue I wrote.  I am going to start posting those in addition to poems, because right now I’m more interested in writing fiction than poetry.  I will try to post either a poem or an experimental dialogue every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. 

Most of my experimental dialogues will be like this one; they won’t be connected to any particular story.  If I post dialogue that is connected to a story I’m working on, I will make it known.  This is just an exercise in writing dialogue for middle grade novels. 

I’m focusing on dialogue right now because that’s the aspect of fiction writing I’m the most comfortable with.  Later I might challenge myself and write clips of possible stories that involve showing instead of telling, something I definitely need more practice with.  For now, though, please enjoy today’s experimental dialogue!  It is between a girl in sixth grade and her tutor/mentor.


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