What to Choose?!


Tender chicken breast
Sweet honey mustard
Succulent mushrooms
Tasty, melty cheese

Chewy, fried calamari
White, garlicy sauce
Tangy green onions

Smoky barbecue wings,
Sweet honey mustard wings,
Cool ranch wings,
Cheesy, garlicy wings

Sharp cheddar,
Soft mozzarella,
Flavorful Swiss,
All melted, on a bun

Bison, chicken, or beans
(Not a beef-eating girl)
With Swiss, portabellas,
Buttons, onions carmelized,
With lettuce, tomato, pickles,
Chipotle mayonnaise,
Garlic mayonnaise
Jack cheese
Smoked Gouda
Goat cheese
White mushrooms

Cupcake burger
Yellow cake
Chocolate fudge
Butter cream
Yellow and red
Toasted and green

What to choose?
What to choose?!


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