Monthly Archives: December 2014



Many paths
On this journey
Have I taken,
Many paths on this journey
Have I yet to take.
Some straight,
Narrow, dotted with minor events,
Some small at first,
Growing as I move along.


No Matter How Many…


Bad choices we make,
Lost chances we have,
Things we know (or think) we can’t do
Everyday we’re invited to Positive Side,
Our welcome never wares out.

Special Places


All places have their memories,
Places now and those of long ago.
In each place are glimpses of the past,
Some happy, and some woe.

Memories grow stronger
As towns, homes, and forests grow old,
So any place full of memories
Must remain to have and hold.

Old places have their stories
That can again and again be told,
And old stories spawn new stories,
Some silver, and some gold.

Holiday Posts


One of the many things Christmas, Christmas Eve, Hanukkah, and many other holidays mean to me is memories.  So this Christmas Eve, I have a poem about memories for you.  Tomorrow for Christmas, I will be posting a shorter poem/quote about a different view on memories.  Enjoy! 🙂