Monthly Archives: August 2015

Story River


There’s a river flowing inside me,
Many water drops.
Each drop from somewhere different,
With unique stories to tell.

Some come from deep within me,
Deeper than a well,
Too deep for anyone but me
To go in there and delve.

In time, they’ll sprinkle out of me,
Ringing like a bell.


Past Preschool


Past preschool
Way far off
In distance.
I am watching
I am gazing,
Never again
Going in.

Alphabet Walk Poem (In Progress)


Forest Picture 5

This is a poem I plan to add to as I go on more walks.

Crows congregate and caw,
Dandelions dance,
Evening edges on.

Foul, fatal car fumes,
Fresh, fragrant air.
Gross, gravoleant gases
Grateful, graceful wind.
Happy, harmonious times,
Horrible, hateful times,

Leaves loving my locks,
Tumultuous, terrible times,
Times of trouble,
Times of truth and charm,
Wind whispers and waves.

Loving Leaves


Tree Picture 1 8:26:15
Beautiful leaves around the trees
Waving, whispering in the breeze.
They rub my head as I go by
All of them wanting to say “hi,”
Help me feel loved beneath the sky,
And make me feel happy
During difficult times.

Mountain Light and Dark


Mountain looms ahead,
Bears dark shadows, fluffy clouds.
Welcomes and forebodes.

Drinking Air


Fresh, clean air to drink
Sometimes water, sometimes tea.
Always delicious.