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Autumn Smells


Rustic smell of autumn leaves,
So strong, yet so sweet.
Strong, rank smell of
Rotting leaves,
Rotting bark,
Wettened by
The rain,
Smells like
Stinky breath.


Peaceful Birds


This walk brings me peace,
Except for chattering birds,
Less than yesterday.

Leaves On Ground


Leaves, they fall,
Dangle from spider’s web.
Lie on ground,
Covered in droplets,
Harboring pools,
Crunching under
Chipmunk paws,
And my feet.

Autumn Rainbow Play


Leaves, they change,
Fade before they shine.
Fade to paler green,
Turn yellow, pale or bright.
Turn red, turn dark pink,
Turn colors two or more.
All preparing for their roles
In the Autumn Rainbow Play.

Shine Through Rainbow


This poem was inspired by both a nature walk and this song, which I grew up with:

Nooks of darkness
Nooks of light,
Among the leafy trees.

Soon light
Shine through rainbow,
Shine through rainbow,
Says the darkness,
“Shine through rainbow, too.”

Less light,
Less rainbow,
Light and darkness
Hidden no more.

Still It Hurts


I know what I did wrong,

I know what I should do.
I know how I can fix this,
Still it hurts.

Still my feelings yelp in pain,
Still I want revenge.
Still it hurts.

I know I shouldn’t downgrade myself,
I know I mustn’t undo progress.
I know I need to be an adult,
Still it hurts.

Still I seek attention,
Still I want things I can’t have,
Still it hurts.

I know I have friends,
I know I am loved,
I know people support me,
Still it hurts.

Still I feel gotten rid of,
Still I feel thrown away,
Still it hurts.

I know things will improve,
I know it will look better tomorrow,
I know it’s not the end of the world.
Still it hurts.

Review of Carin Berger’s “The Little Yellow Leaf”


"Yellow Leaf" Cover

The theme of this story is one we have seen many times, but a very important theme nonetheless.

It is a theme that is hard to put into words, but encompasses many things.

The best way I can describe this theme without giving too much away is:

The Little Yellow Leaf” is a wonderful story for reassuring anyone that doing something you’ve never done before is much easier when you’re not alone. To fit with the theme, this story is told in a very soothing, gentle, somewhat heavy style.
Many of the best picture books are both timeless and unique. The theme of this book is timeless. What makes it unique is both the illustrations and the subject/focus. The subject of this story is the leaves, particularly the “little yellow leaf” of the title. Leaves and their trees being the subject allows for illustrations that are relatively simple compared to those found in other children’s books, where the subject is usually a human or animal character.  This does not at all keep the illustrations from being exciting and beautiful.
Since leaves and trees are the focus of the story, they are the main subjects of the illustrations. Many of the illustrations’ embellishments are highly stylized, such as:

"Yellow Leaf" Illustration 1

The sun, beckoning the leaves to fall

"Yellow Leaf" Illustration 2

The moon and the stars

"Yellow Leaf" Illustration 3

The snowflakes

In some illustrations, trees are stylized, too. A group of trees is made to look circular, making it easier for these subjects to act as the focus.  Here is an example:

"Yellow Leaf" Illustration 4

Embellishments that are not stylized include mushrooms, apples, pumpkins, acorns, and geese flying south. The latter are very simply drawn.
At first I thought the illustrations were painted, but as it turns out, they are all created through collages made with different kinds of paper. This includes magazine paper, hence the unrelated text on some of the illustrations. This makes the illustrations even more unique. What’s more, this book is making me really want to try illustrating some of my stories with collages. I think autumn illustrations lend themselves especially well to collages, but maybe I’m biased since I enjoyed doing autumn collages so much as a child.

All in all, this is a wonderful book.  The story made me cry, and the illustrations made me want to expand my horizons.