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School Leadership Uncertainty


At my school we have a Princess Club for any girls who are interested. Some of the other girls in that club wear tiaras, jewelry, and pretty dresses, and Ms. Shoran, the teacher in charge of the club, says that’s okay. I guess it is, but I don’t wear those things. I’m not that kind of princess. Ms. Shoran says you don’t have to wear those things to be in this club, nor do you need to dance or sing like most fairy tale princesses do. All you need to do is share your interests. Everybody has interests, and when you share them, it helps you become a good leader. That’s what this club is really about, and that’s why I’m in it. I want to learn how to be a leader. We all take turns being the leader in this club, because leadership is what being a princess is really about. Most princesses grow up to be queens, but I guess most fairy tales skip that part. I bet you can tell I don’t care much for fairy tale princesses. They’re so boring, waiting around to be rescued and never trying to solve problems on their own. I wouldn’t want to be a real princess either. I get in trouble so much at home, I’d live in constant fear of disinheriting the throne! But without that fear, I think I would make a pretty good leader, just as soon as I decide what to teach my fellow princesses.
Being a princess is not just about being beautiful, though I can tell some of the other girls in the club are really glad that’s part of it. Like Sara, who likes to design dresses. That’s what she had us do when she was the leader. Or Evelyn, who likes to make jewelry. We all made necklaces when she was the leader, but I gave mine to Grace, my friend from another school. I don’t like jewelry. I also don’t like the meetings where the leader has us do normal princess stuff. Those are really boring. I kept messing up when we were designing dresses. I was so embarrassed, I felt like tickling the other girls so they’d mess up, too. I didn’t, but I was glad when that meeting was over. I’m also glad our Princess Club isn’t restricted to girly things like that. Being a princess means being a leader, and here’s what I remember Ms. Shoran saying about being a leader:
“Being a good leader is not just about having privileges, power, or dominance. Being a good leader means you’re responsible, hard-working, and honest. A good leader isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty while working on projects with her followers. That’s part of why being a princess is not just about being beautiful.”
So far, my favorite Princess Club meetings have been the ones where the leader taught us how to cook something. I don’t much like cooking, and I definitely don’t like helping set out the tableware, but it was fun trying all the treats the other girls made for us. All the times I tried cooking at home, it was a disaster. Several other girls in this club enjoy cooking, though. Around Thanksgiving, Sally taught us how to make cranberry sauce. Another time Wendy taught us to make pizza. Then there was the time Nancy showed us how to make pancakes and put her own homemade topping on them instead of maple syrup. She also topped the pancakes with nuts, and I loved chopping those nuts with a nutcracker. Maria, whose family is from Mexico, taught us how to make tacos. I loved smashing the clumps of meat like she showed us, and it was really funny how she misplaced the shells. We finally found them in the hall, where they had fallen out of her bag.
I really hope I can be a good leader when it’s my turn. I’m not sure yet what I’ll teach the other girls about, though. Maybe I’ll teach about crocodiles, because I really like dangerous animals. I like aquatic animals too, especially ones like crocodiles, that live both on land and in water. I’m not as interested in marine animals, that live in the water all the time. I know teaching about crocodiles would mean a biology meeting, and so far, we’ve only had one biology meeting. Most of the girls in the Princess Club don’t seem to like biology. That’s why if our Princess Club was a mountain, I seriously doubt my crocodile meeting would be the crest. Annie and I like biology, though. When Annie was the leader, she taught us about paramecia. We looked at paramecia through a microscope, and Annie told lots of jokes about these single-celled organisms. She’s very funny. I liked hearing all the new information she had, because before that meeting, all I knew about paramecia was that they were very tiny, mostly because of the insult “paramecium brain.” It was much more fun than learning about paramecia in science class, too. I hope I can make a meeting on crocodiles just as fun, but I’m not sure how.