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Building and Freshening Device


This is a response to an exercise that can be found at  It is Bryan Cohen’s Science Fiction Exercise #3.  As my response touches upon briefly, I got the idea while brainstorming futuristic fairy tale retellings.

            In a world greatly enhanced by new technologies, which are being developed every day, I have come up with a world-changing device.  It is a strengthening machine that can make any given material suitable for architecture.  This device would change life as we know it because it would allow us to use all our trash to build houses out of, thus making landfills unnecessary.  It would also allow us to spend less money as well as less non-renewable resources on building our houses.  We can even build houses out of food, an idea I got from “Hansel and Gretel.”  Some of the newer versions of this device even have mechanisms that keep food edible in  making it strong building material.  These versions of my device can be used to make rotten food fresh again as well as keep food fresh.  In this way, my device can also help end world hunger.