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Bear Drawings


GrizzlyDrawing Thumb PandaDrawingThumb PolarDrawing Thumb

This is my first drawing post.

Here we have three teddy bears/anthropomorphic bears.  The one in the middle, the panda, is the version I’ve been working on the longest.  The bear on the right is a polar bear, and the bear on the left is supposed to be a grizzly.  When drawing these bears, I studied not only the colors and patterns of real bears, but their facial features as well.

While I am an amateur artist, and my strong point is definitely writing, I like to play around with possible children’s picture books illustrations.  For anthropomorphic bear characters, I am hoping to combine some of these real bear features.

For teddy bear characters, teddy bear illustrations, and maybe even making my own teddy bears someday, I am hoping to create plush versions of real bear species, including, but not limited to, pandas, polar bears, and grizzlies.