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Orphan and Dog Story


“Before we can adopt a dog,” said Betsy “we’ll have to set up an interview. That’s a rule for anyone who wants to adopt from the animal shelter.”
“What’s an animal shelter?” asked Angie.
“It’s like an orphanage for dogs and cats,” Betsy replied.
“So, are the dogs and cats at an animal shelter like us?” asked Angie.
“Sort of,” said Betsy. “They don’t have any mommies or daddies, and they’re all waiting for someone to think they’re cute and take them home.”
“Then we can all be their mommies and daddies!” Jason chimed in, jumping onto Betsy’s bed.
“Yes,” said Betsy. “But this won’t be as easy for us as it would be for our new mommies and daddies.”
“Why not?” asked Jason.
“Well, for one thing, any new mommies and daddies we get would have cars. We don’t have a car.”
“We can walk!” retorted Rachel.
“You think walking ten blocks would be easy?!” snapped Betsy. “Besides, that’s not even half of it! Our new mommies and daddies wouldn’t have Ms. Harquin constantly waiting for them to do something bad so she can scold them!” All the orphans looked at Betsy in silence.  At least some of them hated to admit it, but they all knew she was right.
The whole group had gone quiet in unison.  Angie was the first to speak up after the silent spell was over.
“So, can we still try it?” she asked. Betsy looked around the room at all of the eager little faces, each with his or her own reason to coax her into trying to get a dog to keep at the orphanage.  Angie, the littlest, needed someone to comfort and protect her. Jason needed something to remind him of the little terrier he had lost along with his parents. Rachel needed someone to mess around with when the other orphans were too worn out. And Betsy had to admit that having a dog would cheer her up, too. But how were they going to pull this off? Betsy knew she’d have to think of something soon.


Experimental Dialogue-A Failed Biology Test


“It’s going to be okay,” said Lisa.

“How can it? How can it be okay after I failed that biology test? I can’t retake it, you know,” I said.

“Well, no. But failing a test isn’t the end of the world.” I scowled. I hate it when grown-ups say things like that!

“Well, obviously not,” I said.  “What, do you think I’m blind?”

“No, but we’re all blind to some things some of the time,” said Lisa. I sighed. I think I knew what she meant, but I didn’t want her to go all philosophical on me.  All I wanted was to forget about that test!

Lisa was quiet. I hated to admit it, but that was one of those moments when I really liked her. Too bad what she said next had to ruin it.

“We really should get back to your homework.” I scowled again.

“What’s the point?  I already failed this test!  Homework won’t magically make that not happen!”

“Well, no it won’t,” Lisa agreed. “But it will keep you from failing more tests in the future.” I rolled my eyes. Homework was the last thing I wanted to do at that moment.

“Let’s look at it this way,” she continued. “Think about how bad you feel now. Do you want to feel this bad in the future?” I immediately shook my head, even though I was pretty sure where she was going with this. I couldn’t help myself.  I hoped I would never feel this way again!

“Well, then, if you do your homework now, you’ll be less likely to fail a test in the future. Let’s start with your biology homework.”

I winced. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to look at my biology textbook for awhile. I knew I would have to sooner or later, so I got my biology textbook out of my backpack.  I quickly put it back, because I simply could not look at it!

“Can’t we wait a little while?” I asked Lisa. “I don’t care what we do instead.  We can even do other homework.”  I just couldn’t bear to look at that textbook!

“Well, we could,” said Lisa. “But you know you’ll have to eventually do this homework. Wouldn’t you feel better if you started now? Then you wouldn’t have to keep worrying about it.”  I thought for a minute, then shook my head.

“No,” I said. “I want to wait a little longer.”

“Suit yourself,” said Lisa.  “Let’s work on your math homework instead.”  I sighed, but took out my math textbook.  I knew I couldn’t take back what I said about doing other homework.




Ayah, Amy, and Ms. Harquin


“Please don’t hurt me!” Ayah whimpered.  “I’m the littlest orphan!”  Ms. Harquin smiled wickedly.

“Are you saying an older orphan would be better suited to this punishment?” she asked with a simpery smile.  Ayah had learned not to disagree with her orphanage matron, but she nervously nodded her head.

“Oh?” Ms. Harquin replied, dangerously calm.  “But you’re the one who earned it, sweetheart!”

“I’m too little to do that kind of work!” protested Ayah.

“Not anymore!” said Ms. Harquin, cheerfully.  “Those candies you stole from me have made you big and strong!” Ayah looked at Ms. Harquin blankly.

“I eat them all the time,” Ms. Harquin continued, chuckling.  “Why do you think I’m much bigger and stronger than all of you?”

“Because you’re older than us!” shouted Amy, coming in from doing her chores.

“Don’t listen to anything she says, Ayah!” Amy continued.   “Those candies didn’t make you big and strong!”  Ayah looked at her friend and pouted disappointedly.  “At least not big and strong enough to do this chore,” Amy quickly added.

“That’s the hardest, scariest chore in the orphanage, Ayah!” she protested when the disappointment didn’t go away.

“Alright, Amy, enough!” shouted Ms. Harquin.  “This is between me and Ayah!  It is none of your business!”

“Yes it is!” insisted Amy.  “Ayah’s too young for that kind of work, and I won’t let her do it!”

“Too young?!  Too young?!  Of course she’s too young!” stormed Ms. Harquin.  “There’s no way she’ll succeed!”

“I know!” cried Amy.  “But she might get hurt!”

“Trust me,” said Ms. Harquin.  “I’ll get her out of there before her life is in danger.  I’m not about to get in trouble for killing one of you orphans!”  Amy was about to cry.

“Don’t give me that!” sneered Ms. Harquin.  “I am teaching the child a lesson!  She’s going to try this task, and believe me, she’ll know not to steal candy from me when she’s failed enough times!”  Amy tried to run away, but Ms. Harquin called after her.

“Don’t even think of trying to help her!” she shouted.  “You’ll suffer a much worse punishment if you do!”  With that, she slammed the door as soon as Amy was out of the room.