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Summer Joys


Tree hearts
Tree stars
Climbing trees
Riding in toy cars

Summer shade
Summer sunshine
Summer heat
Summer smells

The joys of childhood
Summer walks


New Experiences


Try new things
Explore new places
Meet new people
Eat new foods
I’m going on an adventure!

Try new things
Explore new places
Meet new people
Eat new foods
I don’t know what to expect!

Will I still…

Try new things
Explore new places
Meet new people
Eat new foods?


Spring Green


As far as I can see,
I see green.
The woods is greener
Than I’ve ever seen.

(At least for six months)

Green underbrush,
Green leaves on twigs,
A green canvass for the forest’s
Beautiful things.

Through clumps of green,
I see something glimmer,
The babbling,
Rattling, rambling river!

I feel it quiver,
I see it shine,
The river’s here for everything,
As much yours as mine.



Sweet, soft, tender doughnut
Strong chocolate icing on top
Soft, light, fluffy dough beneath,
Crunchy sprinkles way high up



What is success?
Learning alongside of:
All different colors in a rainbow,
All different voices in the chorus,
All different critters in the woods.

Giving your own special gift
To this struggling world
With passion and with love.

Waiting For Spring Buds


Trees, outnumbered by
Wait for buds.
Buds on one tree,
Buds on shrubs.

Please come soon, friend!
Where are you?
I’m waiting for my bud,

Crow Shadow


Shadow on the sidewalk,
Shadow of a crow.
The crow is somewhere in the sky,
But where, I do not know.

Caw, caw, a crow calls down,
This one’s on the roof.
Show more than your shadow, Crow!
Don’t be so aloof!

Caw, caw, another crow calls.
It’s the one that I can’t see,
Sing your song, oh hidden crow,
Sing it just for me.