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Papa Penguin


If I were a papa penguin,

I’d gently take my egg.

I’d hold it on my feet,

And keep it very warm.

I’d huddle with other papas,

As we incubate our eggs,

Each trying not to drop it,

And each with a common goal.

When the baby hatches,

I’d look down at my chick

With love in my eyes.

“Are you my papa?” she’d say.

“Yes,” I’d tell her.  “And look, there’s your mom!”

When mama comes home,

I would go off,

To find food for my family.

But I’d always come back

To see my chick

As she grows and shines

Like the Antarctic sun.


“If I Were A Mama” Manuscripts


Hi All!  Here are three “If I Were A Mama” manuscripts.  They are a series of children’s picture books I plan to publish that allow the child learn about how different animal mothers care for their young while at the same time imagining that they (or the adult reading them the book) is that animal mother.  Enjoy!

Mama Penguin


If I were a mama penguin,

I’d lay myself an egg,

Then give it to my mate

To carry on his feet.

I’d spend weeks in the water,

Catching and eating fish!

After laying my egg

I could eat the whole sea!

But I would choose a special fish,

And handle it with care.

This fish is for my baby,

Who I’d know the moment we meet!

I would see my mate

As I run to him on ice,

And I’d see my baby,

The little one on his feet!

But what if she’s a frisky one,

Who frolics through the snow,

Far away from the warmth

Of her loving father’s feet?

I would know her when she runs to me!

And says, “You are my mommy!”

I would know it’s true!

And I would catch her with my wings and hold her!

Mama Leatherback


 If I were a mama leatherback,

I’d swim over to the shore,

Pregnant and ready to lay!

I’d dig pits in sand,

Five, or even six,

And fill each one with eggs.

I’d bury the eggs,

Hidden from view,

So no predator can take them!

I would swim to the sea,

Leaving my babes,

“Good-bye, my darlings!  I hope we’ll meet again!”

The eggs would be silent, but they’d hear my voice.

And feel my gentle kisses.

Would I ever see them again?

Or will they be dug up and eaten by humans,

Inside someone’s stomach

Before they hatch?

Will they be gulped down by vultures

As they crawl to the shore,

Never to make it to sea?

There is no one on the shore

To protect them from vultures or humans.

Can anything save them from dangers of the sea?

Mama Strawberry Dart Frog


If I were a mama dart frog,

I’d lay six little eggs,

Then wait patiently while my mate pees on them!

He’d water the eggs and look after them,

Until it’s time to hatch.

When tadpoles hatch,

I’d carry them one by one,

Looking for pools to swim in.

I’d find one pool for each,

So they won’t eat each other!

My tadpoles safe and sound,

I’d produce food for them,

Eggs for my oophagous little babes!

In about two months,

My babies would grow legs,

Loose their tails,

And turn into frogs!

But what if something happens first?

What if not all babes survive?

Sometimes, not all eggs hatch.

And what if a thirsty animal

Drinks water from their pools,

Swallowing up my babes?

“Please, be careful as you drink!

My babies are in there!”