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It is very cold.

The Wind has lost his scent.

Autumn scent not strong enough

To overcome the cold.

But with leaves starting to change,

I know it will be soon.

With air cooling down,

I know it will be soon.

With the everyone back in school,

I know it will be soon.

With Halloween costumes on sale,

I know it will be soon.


Autumn’s End


Reader #1:         Scent of Autumn

                           Gone from air,                       

                           Rain washed it away.

Reader #2:        Leaves have fallen,

                           Trees are bare,

                           Color has left Day.

Reader #3:        Birds are leaving,

                           Some have stayed,

                           To say one last goodbye.

All:                   They wish for one last

                         Look at home,

                         Before it’s time to fly!

Autumn Has Sprung


Autumn leaves glow on every tree,

Colors shining bright.

Leaves demasked in yellow and red,

What a pretty sight!

Red leaves, orange leaves,

Golden ones too,

They shine so bright for me and you!

No leaf is perfect,

Flaws have they all,

So all leaves are special

As off trees they fall.