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Autumn Smells


Rustic smell of autumn leaves,
So strong, yet so sweet.
Strong, rank smell of
Rotting leaves,
Rotting bark,
Wettened by
The rain,
Smells like
Stinky breath.


I Am Grateful For My Sense of Sight Because…


Note: For this prompt, I felt it necessary to also write what I believe I could still do if I were blind. (I, of course, have no way of knowing for sure what I could still do, but these are my guesses).  I have incorporated all of these activities except the most important two into the reasons I am grateful for sight. The two most important activities I could still do if I were blind are read, because books come in both braille and audio form, and write, since I write on my computer, and computer keys can be in braille.  (There are also devices that say what a person is typing back to her). So, without further ado, here are the reasons I am grateful for sight:

I can see little children, so beautiful, so dainty, yet so strong.

I can do art

I can collect dolls, stuffed animals, and fairy statues, and see them displayed on my shelf

I can blog

I can watch my favorite movies

I can see trees in the forest, especially their trunks and branches, which I probably wouldn’t be able to appreciate with no sight. If I were blind, I could probably still hear the leaves whispering in the wind.  Most likely the only way I could appreciate autumn leaves if I were blind is by hearing the sound of them crunching under my feet.  Other ways I could appreciate autumn, my favorite season, if I were blind, are by feeling the cool air and smelling the changing leaves.

I can see deer, squirrels, and bears when we cross paths. These animals are usually quiet, so I might not be able to notice them if I were blind.

I can see spiders and their webs. Spiders are silent, and so are their webs.  I cannot see how I could appreciate spiders, one of my favorite animals, if I were blind.

I can maybe garden someday

I could maybe someday identify birds by both their song and their appearance. Right now all I can do is identify a few birds’ songs.

I can see all the animals at zoos and the nature center. I probably wouldn’t even be able to pet animals in a petting zoo if I were blind. I could pet dogs and cats that I know, but not less tame animals like the goats at the nature center.

Acorn Walk


Acorns, acorns everywhere,
Fallen from the trees.
Jumbles, jumbles, small brown nuts,
Some of them still green.

Acorns, acorns everywhere,
Some out of their shells.
What a lovely autumn mess!
Amid the autumn smells.

Acorns, acorns everywhere,
Walk on nuts for miles!
Roll, roll, around on nuts,
Walking home in style!

Autumn’s End


Reader #1:         Scent of Autumn

                           Gone from air,                       

                           Rain washed it away.

Reader #2:        Leaves have fallen,

                           Trees are bare,

                           Color has left Day.

Reader #3:        Birds are leaving,

                           Some have stayed,

                           To say one last goodbye.

All:                   They wish for one last

                         Look at home,

                         Before it’s time to fly!

Autumn Has Sprung


Autumn leaves glow on every tree,

Colors shining bright.

Leaves demasked in yellow and red,

What a pretty sight!

Red leaves, orange leaves,

Golden ones too,

They shine so bright for me and you!

No leaf is perfect,

Flaws have they all,

So all leaves are special

As off trees they fall.

True Colors


May all leaves show their colors,

The true ones, not the greens,

And may they shine their brightness

Before they turn to brown.

May golden leaves shine brightly,

May red ones’ deep glow shine,

May orange burn like fire,

May yellow twinkle like stars.

May all leaves sparkle like gemstones,

Until it’s time to fall.