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Spring Green


As far as I can see,
I see green.
The woods is greener
Than I’ve ever seen.

(At least for six months)

Green underbrush,
Green leaves on twigs,
A green canvass for the forest’s
Beautiful things.

Through clumps of green,
I see something glimmer,
The babbling,
Rattling, rambling river!

I feel it quiver,
I see it shine,
The river’s here for everything,
As much yours as mine.


Waiting For Spring Buds


Trees, outnumbered by
Wait for buds.
Buds on one tree,
Buds on shrubs.

Please come soon, friend!
Where are you?
I’m waiting for my bud,

Spring Rhyme


Buds on a shrub,
Buds on a shrub,
Tulips, trees, and
Buds on a shrub.

Go, calling crows!
Go, calling crows!
Serenade us,
Go, calling crows!