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Seagulls fly around Sun,
As it peeks behind clouds
Can’t see seagulls.
Are they covered, too?


Mountain Light and Dark


Mountain looms ahead,
Bears dark shadows, fluffy clouds.
Welcomes and forebodes.

Cloud Dance


Clouds a’dancing through the sky
Changing shapes as they roll by.
A bunny, a bell, a ship at sea,
They put on a show for you and me.

Wind pushes clouds, but they don’t mind.
They try any dance step they can find.
Sometimes clouds shed raindrops, but then,
They become white and fluffy again.

Storm clouds and fluffy clouds dance
Through all weather,
Changing shapes and dance steps together.



Not many clouds today,
Only three.
One looks like a ship at sea.
Another at the top of a tree,
Is a creature different from
You and me.
It has a face without a head,
Like something in a book I read.

The third is very hard to see,

It’s hiding behind Building 3.

Rain-Washed Morning


Soft dewy grass,

Tickling, cooling,

Wetting my feet.


Leaves adorned

With dew drops,

Starting to turn red.


Clouds rise on mountains,

Blue sky behind,

Clears the clouds ahead.


Down the drain,

In all the puddles,

Last night’s rain.


Grass clean, leaves clean,

Hard, rough rocks clean,

Everything clear and fresh.