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Alphabet Walk Poem (In Progress)


Forest Picture 5

This is a poem I plan to add to as I go on more walks.

Crows congregate and caw,
Dandelions dance,
Evening edges on.

Foul, fatal car fumes,
Fresh, fragrant air.
Gross, gravoleant gases
Grateful, graceful wind.
Happy, harmonious times,
Horrible, hateful times,

Leaves loving my locks,
Tumultuous, terrible times,
Times of trouble,
Times of truth and charm,
Wind whispers and waves.


Crow Shadow


Shadow on the sidewalk,
Shadow of a crow.
The crow is somewhere in the sky,
But where, I do not know.

Caw, caw, a crow calls down,
This one’s on the roof.
Show more than your shadow, Crow!
Don’t be so aloof!

Caw, caw, another crow calls.
It’s the one that I can’t see,
Sing your song, oh hidden crow,
Sing it just for me.

Spring Rhyme


Buds on a shrub,
Buds on a shrub,
Tulips, trees, and
Buds on a shrub.

Go, calling crows!
Go, calling crows!
Serenade us,
Go, calling crows!