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Deep End Dream


Favorite story
Characters beckon.
“Don’t be frightened!
Come over and swim!”
In swimming pool’s
Deepest end.
Will I ever make it?


Thoughts On “Minions” Movie


Two weeks ago, I saw Illumination Entertainment’s “Minions.” While I didn’t enjoy it as much as I enjoyed “Inside Out,” I liked just about everything about the movie. For this post, I will focus on an integral aspect of the movie: villains. I love villains, and they’re a big part of the reason why I enjoyed the movie.
With that said, you’ve probably guessed by now that I loved the movie’s awesome villainess! The vast majority of my favorite villains are female, and I like them best when they’re as outrageous, hammy, and ferocious as Scarlet Overkill! Besides Scarlet’s overall character, what I liked the most about her was her relationship with her husband, Herb. Herb wasn’t as outrageous as Scarlet, but he clearly loved her. I’m a big fan of evil married couples, and I like them best when they genuinely love each other. I also like how while Herb wasn’t as outrageous as Scarlet, he was definitely believable in his own right as a villain. In terms of evil married couples, I like it when both are equally evil. Alternately, I like it when the man redeems himself but the woman doesn’t, but that doesn’t happen in this movie, and so it is another post for another day.
I like villainesses so much, that at the supervillain convention, I was wondering why Scarlet was the only one. Why couldn’t there have been more female supervillains? Why was Scarlet Overkill the first? Couldn’t she have instead been the baddest villain there, who just happened to be female? Also, there were the mom and the little girl in the evil family, the one the Minions rode to Orlando with. Why couldn’t their villainy have been emphasized more? Along with Scarlet, the evil family was another one of my favorite aspects of the movie, and I wish I had seen more of them. In fact, while I won’t give the ending away to people who haven’t seen “Minions,” I will say I expected the baby, the youngest member of the evil family, to play a bigger part in it. Another detail I would have liked to have seen more of were evil bedtime stories. Scarlet told one to the minions right after they started working for her. Couldn’t there have been more stories, maybe told by members of the evil family?
I also liked how, near the beginning of time, the first “villain” the minions served was a t-rex. I put villain in quotation marks here because I normally don’t like it when carnivorous animals of any sort are villains. All animals need to eat, and so carnivorous animals are just trying to survive. They’re not being evil, hateful, or malicious in any sense. Even so, I would argue that humans (and maybe animals who come close to us in terms of their complexity and intelligence, like apes and dolphins) are the only creatures capable of true evil. For that reason, if the Minions needed to serve villains, a t-rex seems like the closest they could find before there were humans.
That brings me to what I wish the movie had gone into more detail on. Why did the Minions need a master, and why did they specifically need/want to work for villains? As much as I love villains, I wish this had been explained. Both aspects were made clear in the movie, and I’m not necessarily saying either was a bad choice, but if I had helped make this movie, I would have brainstormed the reasons behind these details. These details, I think, were among the many details in stories all around us that are left unexplained.

Thoughts On Pixar’s “Inside Out”


A few weeks ago, I saw Pixar’s latest movie, “Inside Out.” One of the first things I noticed this movie was that Joy, the main character, an emotion inside 11-year-old Riley’s brain, is fashioned after Disney’s depiction of Tinkerbelle. Happiness means fairies! For this very special reason, Joy is my favorite character, in this movie which is rare for me. In most movies, the main character is not my favorite. I usually like villains and other side characters best. After Joy, though, my second favorite is Disgust. I love how she talks like a Valley Girl!
The beginning was nice, and I liked most of the middle, too. I loved how dreams are depicted like movies in Riley’s brain, Goofball Island and all the silly things it’s had Riley do throughout her life, and the different kinds of memories that are stored in Riley’s mind. I really liked how there’s both a Memory Dump and a storage place for Longterm Memories. Memories come and memories go, but some of them last forever.
My absolute favorite part of the movie, though, was the end. I won’t give away the end to people who haven’t seen it, but let’s just say I feel that it proves several of my most important beliefs to be true: Sometimes happiness is lost, but it can always be found again, sadness is just as important as joy, and, best of all: Childhood fantasies come and go, but joy lives on. “Inside Out” is a wonderful, creative, original movie, that proves many timeless truths in brand new ways. I think all stories should strive to combine originality with timelessness with methods such as “Inside Out’s.”

Treadmill Tales


Yesterday morning, I did the treadmill for 30 minutes. The bad news: I felt sore and worn out for the rest of the day. The good news: Hmm, where should I begin? I finally started exercising again after being too lazy to do so for awhile (and experiencing the results), I found a way to do more running and less walking while on the treadmill, and I managed to do 30 minutes on the treadmill for the first time in awhile. Before, all I could do was 20.
My trick for doing more running and less walking was this: make the treadmill go just fast enough to do a slow jog instead of a walk, but no faster than that. Then, quite simply, jog for as long as I can before I have to slow down the treadmill and walk for a little bit. My jogging speed is 4.0, and my walking speed is 3.4.
Now let me talk a little bit about what motivated me to do the treadmill yesterday. I will start with a little story about myself. If you have seen my “About” page, you will know it says, among other things, that I have been making up stories since I could talk. That is basically true; I have memories of making up simple stories when I was two, and since I was an early talker, I am sure I was making up stories before then, possibly ever since I could speak in coherent sentences.
Two was when I started making up and telling stories. Starting when I was four or five, I would run around in circles, making up stories in my head. I called this “thinking.” My “thinking” went on well past the age when I started typing my stories up: eight years old. One of the first stories I started typing up was “Dot the Orphan Cub.” It was about a little cheetah cub named Dot, who looses her mother to a poacher and then befriends a hyena cub, a vulture, and a wildlife biologist who takes her under her wing. What follows is many adventures as well as misadventures, especially when dealing with the evil poacher.
What I remember most about writing that story is that I had practically the whole story planned out in my head, but didn’t get very far when typing it on the computer. I don’t think I even got to the part where Dot’s mother gets shot, though I played that and its subsequent events in my head many times while running around. I think the reason I didn’t get very far in typing it up was this: Playing the exciting parts in my head was much more fun than typing the story from beginning to end on the computer.
The keyword here is “fun.” I ran around as a child, making up stories in my head, because it was fun. Lately, though, as an adult, I have not been having much fun writing my stories. I have adopted much of the discipline needed for writing, and I have been working on the middle grade novel which is currently my main project almost every day, but I haven’t been having that much fun. I have started brainstorming ways I can have fun with my writing again. Does anyone have one or more suggestions? If so, please post them below in the comments.
This is why I have started doing the treadmill: I thought maybe the act of running could help me make up stories in my head again, specifically in a way that is fun. Yesterday morning I did the treadmill while listening to songs from a favorite musical, the new “Matilda the Musical,” based on Roald Dahl’s beloved book.  I hoped both that and the running would spark my creativity, helping me come up with ideas for new and existing stories. This time around, all I got were pep talks from Miss Trunchbull and other Roald Dahl villains (I communicate with favorite characters, especially villains, a lot), but no actual stories. This could change, but if it doesn’t, I will need to find new ways of sparking my creativity in a way that is fun. That is why I am looking for ideas from my fellow bloggers.
As an after thought, I’d like to share that growing up hasn’t been easy for me. As I mention on my “About” page, I am in my late twenties, but always a child at heart. Becoming a teenager and then an adult were not easy tasks for me, especially since I had to give up playing make believe. Sometimes I want more than anything to pretend to be a character from a favorite book or movie and have someone else pretend along with me, but I’m pretty sure that’s not an option anymore. That’s why in addition to finding fun sparkers for story ideas, I am looking for activities that can take the place of make believe play. I’m sure there will be much overlap between the two. Once again, if you have any ideas for either of those, please post them below. I would greatly appreciate it.
Take care, everyone! Until next time! 🙂