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Friendship Lament


Friends to talk to,
Friends who love me
For who I am.

Friends to talk to about:
Favorite Disney movies
My own, strange obsessions.

Is it too selfish?
Is it too much to ask?

Other people ask for more, too much.
Why do they socialize such?
Why do they have many friends,
More than me?

Why are unkind people popular?
Why are nicer people weird and uncool,
Just like in high school?


Stick To It!


Stick to it!

Don’t give up,

Don’t loose hope.

You have friends

Who believe in you,

And will give you

A second chance.

They have faith in you,

So have faith in them!

You’ve had many achievements,

You’ve learned many things,

So why give up now?!

You may not have achieved

All your goals, but

Mark my word,

You’re better than

You were before,

And wonderful

The way you are.

What Friends Do


With a friend, you can

Be fairies and work magic,

Fly kites,

Look at flowers,


Put on shows.


With a friend,

You can goof around,

Tell silly puns,

And laugh.


Friends give you energy,

So you can be maniacs,

And monkey about!

But you’ll stick together

Even when it’s quiet time!


A friend will help

If you’re upset,

Even when it’s hard.


Whether itty-bitty,

Or very tall,

A friend is more precious

Than any jewel.


It’s nice to know,

A true friend

Will never betray you.

At the end of the day,

The week,

The month,

The year,

Your friendship will live on.