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Let it be a good feeling,
Let yourself relax.
Let the things you love
Fill up your mind and soul.

Let yourself be happy
To do the things you love.
Let yourself relax,
Let yourself relax.


No Matter How Many…


Bad choices we make,
Lost chances we have,
Things we know (or think) we can’t do
Everyday we’re invited to Positive Side,
Our welcome never wares out.

Stick To It!


Stick to it!

Don’t give up,

Don’t loose hope.

You have friends

Who believe in you,

And will give you

A second chance.

They have faith in you,

So have faith in them!

You’ve had many achievements,

You’ve learned many things,

So why give up now?!

You may not have achieved

All your goals, but

Mark my word,

You’re better than

You were before,

And wonderful

The way you are.

Wind and Rain Journey


Grass beneath feet,

No morning dew,

Dew drops gone from leaves,

Raindrops in their place.


Feet splash through puddles,

Too shallow to feel.


Wind blows in front,

Wind blows behind.

Journey gets better,

Never turn back.