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I will always have my memories.
Dancing to show tunes,
Playing pretend.
They will never go away.


Thoughts On Pixar’s “Inside Out”


A few weeks ago, I saw Pixar’s latest movie, “Inside Out.” One of the first things I noticed this movie was that Joy, the main character, an emotion inside 11-year-old Riley’s brain, is fashioned after Disney’s depiction of Tinkerbelle. Happiness means fairies! For this very special reason, Joy is my favorite character, in this movie which is rare for me. In most movies, the main character is not my favorite. I usually like villains and other side characters best. After Joy, though, my second favorite is Disgust. I love how she talks like a Valley Girl!
The beginning was nice, and I liked most of the middle, too. I loved how dreams are depicted like movies in Riley’s brain, Goofball Island and all the silly things it’s had Riley do throughout her life, and the different kinds of memories that are stored in Riley’s mind. I really liked how there’s both a Memory Dump and a storage place for Longterm Memories. Memories come and memories go, but some of them last forever.
My absolute favorite part of the movie, though, was the end. I won’t give away the end to people who haven’t seen it, but let’s just say I feel that it proves several of my most important beliefs to be true: Sometimes happiness is lost, but it can always be found again, sadness is just as important as joy, and, best of all: Childhood fantasies come and go, but joy lives on. “Inside Out” is a wonderful, creative, original movie, that proves many timeless truths in brand new ways. I think all stories should strive to combine originality with timelessness with methods such as “Inside Out’s.”

Special Places


All places have their memories,
Places now and those of long ago.
In each place are glimpses of the past,
Some happy, and some woe.

Memories grow stronger
As towns, homes, and forests grow old,
So any place full of memories
Must remain to have and hold.

Old places have their stories
That can again and again be told,
And old stories spawn new stories,
Some silver, and some gold.

Holiday Posts


One of the many things Christmas, Christmas Eve, Hanukkah, and many other holidays mean to me is memories.  So this Christmas Eve, I have a poem about memories for you.  Tomorrow for Christmas, I will be posting a shorter poem/quote about a different view on memories.  Enjoy! 🙂