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Far Away


I found the class,
Got a spot
Of my own.
Tomorrow, first day,
But today, all that seems so far away.


Where’s my class gone?
Where’s the happiness it brought?
Will tomorrow come?
All that seems so far away.


Today is the middle of a
Mud sandwich,
Between two delectable
Slices of bread.
First slice behind me,

Second beyond.
Will I ever find it?
Will I slosh through the mud in time?


Maybe, but today,
All that seems
So far away.


Special Places


All places have their memories,
Places now and those of long ago.
In each place are glimpses of the past,
Some happy, and some woe.

Memories grow stronger
As towns, homes, and forests grow old,
So any place full of memories
Must remain to have and hold.

Old places have their stories
That can again and again be told,
And old stories spawn new stories,
Some silver, and some gold.