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Nature, Who I See


Nature, when I’m with you,
I understand what I see.
Nature, when I see parts of You,
I know you talk to me.

Nature, when I see parts of You,
You’re less of a mystery.

Nature, can I help you
By observing visually?


Summer Joys


Tree hearts
Tree stars
Climbing trees
Riding in toy cars

Summer shade
Summer sunshine
Summer heat
Summer smells

The joys of childhood
Summer walks



Seagulls fly around Sun,
As it peeks behind clouds
Can’t see seagulls.
Are they covered, too?

Beach Sunrise


Waves crash in from South
Chili breeze blows from the East
As the Sun rises

Flowering Trees


Flowers fall,
Leaves begin to bud.
Flowers made fewer,
Flowers made prettier.

Autumn Smells


Rustic smell of autumn leaves,
So strong, yet so sweet.
Strong, rank smell of
Rotting leaves,
Rotting bark,
Wettened by
The rain,
Smells like
Stinky breath.

Leaves On Ground


Leaves, they fall,
Dangle from spider’s web.
Lie on ground,
Covered in droplets,
Harboring pools,
Crunching under
Chipmunk paws,
And my feet.