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Summer Joys


Tree hearts
Tree stars
Climbing trees
Riding in toy cars

Summer shade
Summer sunshine
Summer heat
Summer smells

The joys of childhood
Summer walks


Flowering Trees


Flowers fall,
Leaves begin to bud.
Flowers made fewer,
Flowers made prettier.

Loving Leaves


Tree Picture 1 8:26:15
Beautiful leaves around the trees
Waving, whispering in the breeze.
They rub my head as I go by
All of them wanting to say “hi,”
Help me feel loved beneath the sky,
And make me feel happy
During difficult times.



Hard, green berries
Clink against my glasses.
Prickly bushes and pine trees
Sting my hands.

I touch the Earth everywhere,

Tall Nature


Each turn of the head
I see mountains,
Each turn of the head
I see trees.
Much taller than houses,
Much taller than cars.
Maybe Man won’t beat Nature.

Tall Tree


Climbing, climbing,
Up, up, up!
Still far from the top.

Climbing, climbing,
Tree so tall!
You’re way high up! Don’t fall!

Climbing, climbing,
Higher still,
You’ve passed the highest hill!

Climbing, climbing,
Almost as high
As little birds that fly.

Climbing, climbing,
Stop! Here’s a branch!
And plenty of acorns to munch!

High up branch for birds and squirrels,
Both are safe and sound.
By hungry cats
You can’t be found.