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Autumn Smells


Rustic smell of autumn leaves,
So strong, yet so sweet.
Strong, rank smell of
Rotting leaves,
Rotting bark,
Wettened by
The rain,
Smells like
Stinky breath.


Leaves On Ground


Leaves, they fall,
Dangle from spider’s web.
Lie on ground,
Covered in droplets,
Harboring pools,
Crunching under
Chipmunk paws,
And my feet.

Autumn Rainbow Play


Leaves, they change,
Fade before they shine.
Fade to paler green,
Turn yellow, pale or bright.
Turn red, turn dark pink,
Turn colors two or more.
All preparing for their roles
In the Autumn Rainbow Play.

Shine Through Rainbow


This poem was inspired by both a nature walk and this song, which I grew up with: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjik9U_Qo_8&list=FLatVCmt7mZBWS3bBb1-BnIA&index=1

Nooks of darkness
Nooks of light,
Among the leafy trees.

Soon light
Shine through rainbow,
Shine through rainbow,
Says the darkness,
“Shine through rainbow, too.”

Less light,
Less rainbow,
Light and darkness
Hidden no more.