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Summer Joys


Tree hearts
Tree stars
Climbing trees
Riding in toy cars

Summer shade
Summer sunshine
Summer heat
Summer smells

The joys of childhood
Summer walks


Late Summer


I smell pine
And cooling air
I hear the bugs’ trilling,
Quieting down.
Summer is coming to a close.

Sun and Shade Hike


Sun shines through leaves on trees,

Painting them different shades of green.

Leaves form chorus of greens,

Sing with the birds.


Butterflies flit through singing leaves,

Dragonflies absorb their light.


Shade protects undergrowth, butterflies,

And hikers from hot rays.

Keeps them from stinking;

Keeps the air fresh.


Shade hides spider from view,

Like the hollow log,

Hides all its secrets.

Leaf casts a shadow.