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Food Bank Volunteer


Bagging tomatoes
Emptying large crates,
Filling small bags, seventeen.
On my feet all day.


Volunteer Orientation at Brother Wolf


Last Tuesday, August 4th, I attended a volunteer orientation for Brother Wolf Animal Rescue. At the orientation, I heard about Spay-getti and No-Balls fundraisers, where Brother Wolf Animal Rescue takes over a restaurant for a day, and the proceeds from all the food they make and serve benefit the organization. These events are also obvious reminders to spay and neuter your pets. I’d love to volunteer for one of those events sometime. I’m also looking forward to the VeganFest next Sunday, August 16th.
Both before and after the orientation, I petted some of the kitties. One of them was a very sweet, very affectionate tom named Rocky. The moment I stuck my fingers in his cage, Rocky started licking me and rubbing his head against my hands. He was big for his age, being only a year. I petted some younger kittens, too. One of them, a female named Poppy, kept batting at my fingers. Another kitten, a young tom named Bash, was crying, so one of the other people at the orientation took him out of his cage. The three cats I know so far are Rocky and Poppy and Bash (oh my!). I wonder how long they’ll be at the adoption center.
Speaking of which, I found out at the orientation that volunteers can adopt animals. There isn’t a rule against that like there is at the shelter in Virginia where Dan volunteered, back when we were in high school together (I’m engaged to my high school sweetheart). Dan and I probably won’t be getting a cat for awhile, but it’s nice to know I won’t have to stop volunteering to get one.  Even though I won’t be getting a cat anytime soon, I will get to know lots of cats while playing with them, especially since I will play with whichever cat(s) don’t have check marks near their names on the chart. (That means they haven’t been cared for or played with yet that day). I will get to know each cat’s unique personality, which will come in handy when I help with adoption events. I might even help with the adoption table at VeganFest.
The volunteer coordinator seemed to really like me. She high-fived me when I guessed right that “community cats” means the spaying and neutering of feral cats that can’t be adopted. She also loved my jokes, including (and perhaps especially) my poop jokes. When she was talking about the importance of poop bags when taking dogs for walks (I’m not a dog person; I won’t be doing that), she said we should always bring one bag for the dog and one for us, because “you never know.” Then she said, “Have you ever pooped in a ditch? No? Then you’ve never lived!” I said, “Oh, I see! Yeah, she’s right!” (I’ve camped out in the woods before, where there weren’t any bathrooms). Everybody laughed. Then, when the volunteer coordinator talked about getting a little brownie pan from the organization’s thrift store, for litter training little kittens, I said, “So I guess it became a cat brownie pan!” Everyone liked that joke, too. Somebody even said, “She strikes again!” That made me feel good.
Aww, yes, the thrift shop! I learned several cool things about Brother Wolf’s thrift shop. First of all, it accepts just about everything. Dan and I can bring our old stuff there instead of to Goodwill. We can shop there, too. I also heard that some of their kitties live at the thrift shop, as do some guinea pigs and bunnies. As it turns out, cats and dogs are not the only animals Brother Wolf rescues. Besides the bunnies and guinea pigs at the thrift store, most of the other animals (besides cats and dogs) that they rescue are in foster care, including pigs. I would love to talk to, maybe even interview, someone who is fostering a pig. There are also pigs and cows at their sanctuary, but that’s kind of far away from where I live. Maybe I can visit there sometime, but I’m not sure I should count on volunteering. I wonder if the Asheville Humane Society or some other organization has a livestock sanctuary that’s closer. I’d love to learn more about saving livestock from being eaten.
The day after the volunteer orientation, I checked my top 3 choices in volunteer tasks. These tasks include taking care of cats, writing pet bios and other website work, and helping with VeganFest. I saw some other interesting opportunities, too, that I’ll take a second look at soon. Among other things, they included bottle feeding kittens and a lunch event at Loretta’s Cafe. I would like to help with both of those.

Please enjoy these poems about the volunteer orientation:

Cat Haikus
Stick fingers in cage
Hands and fingers licked, rubbed, loved.
Sweet, loving kitty.

Stick fingers in cage
Fingers batted, fingers boxed.
Playful kitty-cat.

Get to know each cat
Each cat’s prrr-sonality.
They are all unique.

Ready To Work
Guinea pigs,
And pigs,
Read to work
With critters!

Pet bios,
Special events,
Ready to work
With critters!

Poop jokes,
And high fives.
Ready to work
With critters!