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In Between


Peer group,
Social group,
Where do I belong?
Young adult group,
Women’s group,
Somewhere in between.

Not yet thirty,
Hobbies like retired folk.

Not a parent,
No job,
Where do I fit?


I Dream of Hosting…


Having lived in my own apartment, miles away from my mom and dad, for more than six months now, I am finally starting to get the hang of cleaning the apartment and cooking for myself on a regular basis. In order to keep our apartment clean, instead of constantly forgetting to do cleaning tasks, my fiance and I will need to pick chores we can do during the week and chores we should save for one of the two weekend days. We should both stay home on that day, which would also give me time for my writing when I’m not cleaning. In order to keep this day free, I know I will need to pick and choose which events I attend over the weekend and which ones I don’t. I go to lots of potlucks and dinners, and, even with my setting aside one day of the weekend to clean, such events will be much easier once I can host them myself. The apartment I have now is too small for that, but that won’t always be the case.
Someday, after a day of cleaning, I will be able to have my fiance’s parents over for dinner. Then I’ll be able to cook for them, instead of his mom always cooking for us. I will need to make it clear, though, that this is one of my rules: if I won’t eat it, I won’t cook it. This means no red meat when they have dinner at our house. Peppers may be okay, even though I don’t like them, since I can eat around those. No desserts made with bananas or coffee, though, since I don’t like either of those. I know they’ll be happy as long as they get their chocolate, something I definitely approve of.
I’ll be able to entertain other people, too. The sky is the limits for the types of parties and potlucks I can host! I’ve thought about hosting charity parties around the holidays and environmentally conscious potlucks at other times of year. I should think of what types of creativity parties I can host, too. I’m sure I’ll get ideas from the Arty Party this Saturday with the Unitarian Universalist Women’s Group. I can also think about the holiday parties my writers’ group back in Virginia hosted, as well as their Writers’ Block Parties for 4th of July.
The Writers’ Block Party is an obvious play on words. It’s a potluck where we all shared what causes writer’s block for us and how we overcome it. That’s a pretty simple event. The Writers’ Group holiday party was a much bigger deal. It involved a White Elephant gift exchange, swapping regular gifts (usually pens, notebooks, and other writers’ gifts), and usually a raffle for a writing instructional book. A White Elephant gift exchange is definitely something I’d like to host someday. Those are a lot of fun. You never know what you will get or who will like what they unwrap.
The only other idea I have so far for a writing/creativity party is doing group writing exercises together. If you guys have any ideas for creativity parties, environmentally conscious parties, charity parties, or occasions for a White Elephant gift exchange, please share them with me.
That’s all for now, folks! Please check back soon.